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If Believers Believed

"I don't think I passed, I don't think I'll be accepted, I don't think I'll make it through." These are all statements I have said to myself and I'm sure most people have found themselves saying these things as well. It's funny how words can roll off of our tongues without clear Indications as to what we are truly saying. We are literally saying “we don't think”. We are saying that we are not taking the time to reflect on what we are saying in our thoughts. Thinking is a reflection of our thoughts, opinions, and comprehension of what we believe as true. Therefore, when we begin our sentences with “I don’t think”, it reflects how we truly feel. As a result, our belief changes into something more comprehensible and believable to our circumstances. Therefore, what we are truly saying is that we rather not think, or that we "don't believe" in ourselves and the actions that took place to get us to this point. Belief is an acceptance that something or someone is true and that there is a trust which convicts us to believe that something is true. The truth lies in something we find absolute, unchangeable, and authentic to what it is. So I began to wonder to myself “if I ‘believed’ God this way, why is it difficult for believers like myself to believe in the promise and powers that he has also given us?”

I remember a time I became sick from a stomach virus. That night my sister decided to put a bucket near me just in case it led to any regurgitation. I woke up at least 10 times that night thinking I needed to vomit only to revert to dry heaving. I became fed up and was no longer in the mood to continue to be bothered by this. Thus, I got up and went to my living room, sat down, put my hand on my stomach, and began to pray over it. I didn't just pray over it, I spoke over it. I spoke over it with power and conviction and believed everything I was saying and that I was healed. Afterwards, I returned to bed to sleep peacefully. I wholeheartedly believed I could be healed through this prayer. Some modern day Christians have become accustomed to the belief in the word of God, but not the power of God. What does that mean? It means that we may believe he did all that his word says, however, when it's time to see this manifested, it becomes difficult to believe. Living in a democracy, which express liberal ideologies, everything is open to freely think, say , and do what we want. We no longer need to sit and take anything from anyone especially not their beliefs. This way of living and thinking makes belief in the idea of God almost difficult. God is then only tied to religion making one's belief in him seem unauthentic to non-believers. We, as Christians, are then viewed as a by-product of just conversion and not conviction.

"Authentic belief is influenced by many things such as environmental factors and the available evidence for or against a belief."Is your evidence only scriptural? Initially, as believers we listen to stories, testimonials, videos, and have experiences which helps us be subconsciously lead to a moment of belief in what we find true."Therefore, without those tools we cannot will ourselves into believing certain things are true. But, you can indirectly use the information to draw together a poll as to what brings you to a rational conclusion understandable enough to believe". For example when Jesus walked on water and the Disciples witness this, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They used indirect information to draw a rational conclusion. This conclusion led Peter to try to walk on the same lake to see if what was happening was really true. He was trying to rationalize it in his mind to believe what was happening. However, the wind which he knew to be more true overrode what he thought and caused him to doubt and begin to drown. Even the belief of one's self is difficult and it causes you to call into question your abilities and your capabilities.

Now, If believers truly believed, we would walk in full confidence of who we were in Christ Jesus (Eph 1:4-5). We would see ourselves as citizens of the kingdom of God (John 1:12, Philip 3:20,). We would actually believe we could do exceedingly and abundantly all that we ask or think according to the power that work in us. (Eph 3:20). We would believe that the sins Christ came and died for no longer defines us and that we’re cleansed.(Mark 16:16) We would actually believe we were pardoned rather than on temporary parole. (Rom 5:1,Isaiah 41:9-10). We would then serve God out of gratitude and love rather than a meal ticket to heaven.(John 14:2-6,Matt 6:33). We would be able to believe we could be healed from sickness, diseases, and infirmities.(Exodus 23:25, Psalm 30:2) We would believe that death was powerless to hold Jesus and that He rose with power in his hand that as believers we now have access to the same power.(Rom 6:6, Isaiah 53:5). As Christians we like to use the phrase 'believer'. However, what is it that we truly believe? We have subjected our beliefs to just doctrines,church,and standards with no power. We don't realize the simplest task given by God has shaped religions and pushed away relationship. When all he has asked to do first is Believe (John 3:16, John 11:40).

The reason why we may find it hard to believe beyond what we understand is because we are afraid to be disappointed. If we are to believe in what we hope for and it doesn't happen, it may call into question the God we serve.(Mark 11:24). Therefore, we believe in something just a little bit. But, we should remember three things towards our outcomes after believing. Whatever happens may show that something is for you, not for you, or not for you right now. Because sometimes without realizing we can commit an act of treason by proclaiming belief in God, but worrying in fear at the same time. Belief is an acceptance of something or someone that is true. If we believed, we would no longer look at following Christ as us missing out on life, but life missing out on God. We would know we couldn't be possessed or oppressed, but be blessed. (Mark 16:17-18). We would be happy even in trials because belief is what we know to be true and faith sustains that belief. Fear would no longer enter into our thoughts because we would only have a sound-mind accompanied with love and more power. (2 Timothy 1:7). I believe that Jesus was able to perform as many miracles as he did not only by being the Son of God but also by the participation of those who also believed in what he had spoken to already be true. What do you believe?


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