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Things to Consider About Your Vision

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

So you have this big idea and you are ready to execute it, and bring this vision into the world so everyone can see it. But before you begin sharing with those closest to you, here are a few things you should consider about your vision.

Vision is a long-term idea or plan that clarifies your future. A vision extends beyond just now, it is your ability to look past today and past your eyes to see what is ahead.

1st Consider Your Why

Why have you chosen to do what you are doing? A strong “why” can determine the depth and strength that you are willing to exert into your work/project. What deciphers the motivation of two people with a vision is how determined they are, and at the root of that determination is their why.


2nd Consider Who is This For?

You must understand the style, type, niche, or sector you are in. Because the difference between a person with a vision of being a designer, and one who wants to build a shelter is that they would do things completely different from one another. You must understand your audience and their needs, what can you provide them? and how can you help them? At the core of a target audience is their needs, and if you don’t know this answer you can not be a service to them.

3rd Consider the Plan

The success of a thing comes from a well thought out plan. After planning something for so long you are now moving in muscle memory made and thought out by you. I remember my husband and I watched a documentary of Alex Honnold who free soloed El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park. For those who don't know what this means, basically, Alex climbed this mountain with no harness.

Alex rehearsed over and over climbing that mountain, he took notes, he studied the mountain and his response to it. He did this for weeks until he felt confident to do this with no harness. Therefore, how much have you planned your vision? Did you research? or did the necessary study or certification? Did you rehearse until your plan became easily executed? Therefore, make a well thought out plan and see it through.

4th Consider The Sacrifice

When you decide to do something for the first time there are unknowns and fears that are hard at first. There is a level of sacrifice that needs to be made beyond the obvious time and money, maybe pride, or your ego, or even your way of thinking. These things will all be tested and remember not everything can follow you towards your vision.


5th Consider Yourself

Consider your response to this new project, idea, goal, or vision. How will you navigate through this? how can you deal with the added stress? Do you thrive under pressure? Consider understanding who you are and who you will now need to be for your vision.

You may have to wear many hats to distinguish yourself from who you are and who you are aiming to be. What are your habits and weaknesses and could they hinder where you are going? Consider knowing who you are to execute your vision.


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