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When God calls us out of our sins its the best thing. You receive such a power to not just say sorry but that I'm done! You no longer want to be a slave to the enemy and his devices. You decide to resign from the current position you were in and now become ready for God to take over your life. When that happened to me it was the greatest thing. After being in bondage for so long, I understood the manipulation of the enemy and how he derails you from your purpose. Below is what I imagined my words would be to the enemy in a resignation letter. Knowing what I do now, I am no longer employed by the master of false identity, ideas, and culture. I call him Mr. False.


New Name

Chief Ambassador of Kingdom Light Enterprise

23 Psalms Way Heaven,

FT 777777

Dear Mr. False,

I’m writing you this letter to first thank you for my time with you. You have been a great difficulty from the beginning. At a young age you took me in and molded me showing me all the ways of your company. I picked it all up so easily it was almost like second nature. I took on the mission of the company and stamped the creed on my heart. Thank you for the position given to me in the CM (Confused Mindset) Division. I thrived there. I was susceptible to everything you trained me to believe and I never questioned you. I was enslaved by your teachings. I learned to turn off my contrary thoughts from our competitors, never transforming or conforming to their new ideas for the company. Like our motto says “Take away their knowledge and make them think they’re free”. I performed so well,that you promoted me. I worked long hours for you. I made no room for other hobbies, purposes, and visions to develop in me. I made sure I took on all your pressures home with me. I tried my very best to please you. As much as I tried to quit in the past I just couldn’t leave. You use to say “I can see a little piece of myself in you”.

I never felt as devalued and underappreciated as I was during my tenure here. However, for some reason I still loved this company and you as my leader. Thank you, for I have gained absolutely nothing. Thank you for the sleepless nights, the bad decisions, anger, addictions, and low self-esteem that I developed.

Therefore, with a happy heart I am writing to you to announce my resignation effective immediately. This was an easy decision to make. I had to work in darkness of these cubicles in the absence of light for way too long. It has NOT been rewarding, but an internal amount of guilt. Thank you for taking away my opportunities for deliverance and growth.

I wish you to Hell from whence you came and you can take all your minions with you. At this time I will be going towards a different route in my career. My time at Sin Tech is over. I will be going to our competitors at Kingdom Light enterprise. The CEO is glad to have me and took me in with open arms even after knowing I once worked for you. I’m excited and gracious of this new opportunity ahead. During this transition, don't feel free to call me. If you do try to call me, I will not be present to answer the phone call. As a matter of fact, it's probably best that our ties become severed completely.

Once again it has been horrible. I wish you and Sin Tech no success in the future.

P.S I shredded all the files in the CM Division, so good luck implementing your crooked ideas.



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