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How Vision Helps You To Respond

Whether it is a blown-out tire, a layoff from your job, or an unplanned pregnancy, we all at one time have been caught off guard by the circumstances brought on by life. No matter what that was for you, you did what you thought was best to respond and resolve what was in front of you. You may find yourself working out the details haphazardly because things were unplanned. Are you allowing this to be your response or reaction to situations like this?

What I believe is that many people live life planning inadvertently. Either nothing is part of their plan, or there was never one in place. People are just responding to what is in front of them. The default plan then becomes survival, this can then lead them into giving the world control to respond for them.

A true vision allows us to respond to the world and our situations.

Vision is what you see for the future and working towards it as if it is already here to make it a reality. Vision helps to identify where we are going, how will we get there, and what we will need? This vision will help us respond to life circumstances because there is still somewhere we need to be.

For example, have you ever spoken to a child who strongly wants something? Every time you ask them a question, they have a response. No matter how hard you try to trip them up, they seem to have an answer. We should practice the same resilience when a curveball is thrown our way. We should continue responding until we find the answer.

I heard a pastor once say “without a vision, you will be a slave to your reality”. A person can be blinded from every opportunity, and answer that lies before them because they can’t see past their circumstance. “Life has dealt me a wrong hand” they may say. But what will you deal back? I ask.

Can I still get there?

Vision is important for your life to help you properly respond to what may be going on before you. If I am driving to a destination and my car breaks down, does this mean I no longer go to my destination? No, It just means I won’t arrive when I thought I would. A delay doesn’t mean default. You can still make it to where you see yourself even if it means another route will need to be taken. The only thing that keeps you from your destination is you no longer moving towards it.

I don't know what I see

Maybe you had a vision for your life and a circumstance has obstructed your view of what you once saw and now you no longer believe it. However, your vision is more than a dream, a dream is a drift of imagination and nothing ties you to them but a vision is specific with a directive.

If you no longer see a vision, check if you had one, or were you just dreaming? The enemy could be using this to distract and pull passion away from you until it turns into apathy.


How might you respond?

Vision isn’t only about a strategic plan, it's about seeing and believing. Will your response lead you towards or away from what you have been believing? Once you get over what has happened how might you respond?


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