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How to Plan for an Unpredictable Year

We can all admit that 2020 has been a crazy year filled with uncertainty and going into this year you could never have expected a pandemic would create such an impact on people's way of life. Since this year was a complete curveball it's safe to assume that next year is open to the imagination, now that our definition of "normal" has been reshaped we have to figure out how to plan around such an unpredictable year.

No one truly knows what the year will provide but we assume because of the predictability of how other years have gone. Businesses make projections, schools create planners, and we create visions. A few of you even probably came into 2020 with a fresh new vision board ready to execute. Therefore, what can we do to better plan for 2021 when we are uncertain of what that year may bring?

Be Flexible

I am a firm believer of planning, but I also believe in flexibility. A plan helps you structure what you would like to achieve. Flexibility gives you the opportunity to maneuver around changes that are made even if they may come randomly. Being flexible means you are willing to make necessary adjustments in order to still fit the needs of the situation without diverting away from the original goal.

Be Realistic

To reach our vision we create goals for ourselves that we hope to reach at each milestone. Therefore be realistic of what you want and the bad habit that may be stopping you. If you want to break a habit you need resolve. Resolve is a "changed mind". Therefore, if you have not fully changed your mind, the habit will still be a hindrance. So be realistic and be aware of what level of sacrifice you will need. Being realistic may also result in you having to say no. Don’t take on things you don’t have the manpower to do. Look at where you are and plan for what you need.

Pray for Guidance

If you are a believer, this is the time to lean on God. He is the author and finisher of our lives; He sees all that we can't see. Praying for guidance shows that you realize that you don't know what is ahead, therefore you're praying and trusting in God to show you what to do and how to do it. As you navigate in the new year, know that God is our GPS. He has a perspective on next year that we will never have and if we give our plans to Him, He can help us to know what roads will lead us there and whether the place we would like to go is right for us.

Give Yourself Options

Your goals towards your vision does not need to be so concrete. Give yourself options that it can still work in unpredictable times. Think of multiple scenarios and give resolutions that can help you mentally prepare for what may or may not happen. For example, if you have a launch date, have other dates in mind too, or think of virtual methods that can still create an audience for what you're trying to do.

Be Innovative

We can become so used to what we know, that we may not be able to think quickly on our feet. A lot of businesses had to learn to be innovative, especially schools and churches during this pandemic. I saw virtual concerts, virtual photo shoots, drive-thru showers and even Innovative protective eyewear. Don't be discouraged when you can't predict how things may go, instead ask how you can turn this moment into an opportunity? There is nothing new under the sun. There are a hundred and one ways to do one thing so be willing to figure out other ways to do what you do.

Be Positive

Learn to have a positive outlook on life. Even though some faced tragedy, lost loved ones, and were struck hard by this pandemic. Their response determined their next move. Therefore, be positive. As you are planning don't get discouraged and only think the worst. Create a positive environment so you don't lose sight of your vision. Post motivational quotes near your goals, express them to the right people who will build you up, and continue to be reminded of the outcome of this completed vision. Pray for positivity, meditate on it and look ahead.

Stay motivated visionaries! Continue to think big even if the odds are stacked against you. Tomorrow isn't promised so whether or not it is predictable is a tiny fact of what you can do with it.


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