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Don't Strain Your Eyes, Use The Light

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

The other day I was heading back home from the architecture building. It was late. It was probably about one in the morning.

I took the turnpike to get home quicker. I was driving perfectly fine with no problems. Usually when I'm driving, especially late at night, I usually call someone to keep me company during the long drive. Therefore, I called my boyfriend.

As we were speaking, suddenly my eyes began to blur. The objects before me became very difficult to see. I was not particularly tired but I was in school all day and my eyes began to be weary. I started to strain my eyes to see.

I put my boyfriend on "hold" multiple times. I became quiet so that I might be able to concentrate. It was dark and I was in the middle of no-where.

There were barely any street lights to see so I turned on my high beams. I started to panic. My boyfriend could hear how frantic I was. He was trying to give me advice but I refused to listen to him because I was too afraid that my eyes were giving out on me.

He then said "baby girl, can I help?” I finally said “okay” as I continued to strain my eyes to see what was ahead. He said "stop straining your eyes, there are pavement lines on the ground to guide you.

Turn on your high beams and look down. You are making your eyes do more work than it needs to. You are trying to see what is ahead when the lines are there to assist you".

I took his advice and used the high beam lights to shine on the pavement lines on the road to guide me forward. Afterwards, I was able to relax and continued to drive towards the direction of my home.

I learned a great lesson that night, there are times when we want to see what lies ahead but the uncertainty frighten us. We strain, and over-exert our eyes to see what lies ahead and when we can't see it we then begin to panic like I did.

There are things that we over think even when God has already given us provision over it. In the beginning, whatever God spoke, it was manifested and it was so. God is the Alpha and the Omega, The beginning and the End.

Therefore what He declared in the beginning has continued into eternity. Therefore, we shouldn't worry or fret. I was looking at the situation at the time from one perspective.

I assumed my only way to get home safely was to continue to trust my natural eyes even though it was weary. However, God wants us to trust and lean on Him every time we are frightened and need strength. For He is a present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1-11 )

He said, he is the way the truth and the light. That night I understood the parallel to the teaching behind that statement.

Trusting in God isn't easy. We waiver, and believe we need to step in and help God out. We then make carnal decisions off of assumptions. God doesn’t need help being God He is the great I AM. He is eternal and perfect and needs no help being so. He shines His light in all parts of our lives and it is up to us to follow the way He has lit up for us.

I had to do something I hate doing when driving and that is trusting the pavement lines on the road. The engineer has constructed the road this way to separate the cars from being too close in proximity.

The pavement lines and lights were also constructed to guide drivers during the night time towards their destination.

Our Engineer (God) has perfectly designed our lives for us. There is no need to look at others to the left or right of us for assurance.

He is there to guide us. Don't panic for He has given us guidelines in our lives to follow to keep us from harm. As humans we sometimes over-stress ourselves when God is saying ‘don't stain your eyes, use the light.’


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