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Does God KNOW You?

My greatest fear is for God to give to someone else what was purpose and intended for me. Even greater than that fear, for Him in the last days to say “I know you not.” It doesn’t feel good when you see someone you know and they walk past you as if you guys don’t know one another. This isn’t because they are being rude, but usually because you took the time to get to know them on paper and spoke to them a couple of time, your perception is that you feel you know them personally. Whereas when they look at you they only see someone they spoke to a couple of times and really only knows their name. Therefore, does God only know your name?

You are probably thinking "of course God knows my name" But, is that all He knows? The reason why God could just only know your name is because unlike most creation we can communicate back to the creator the very thing we are seeking to find. If I speak to everyone but the creator I reduced him to just being an associate in my life rather than the source to all my questions, concerns, and comments.So, the reason I fear my assignments being snatched away is because that would mean I have a defect. When you create something and it isn’t functioning as it should, it has a defect and will have to be recalled by the company. That would mean I couldn’t do the very thing I was created to do, and that now, I have created a barrier before my destiny. This then leads me to wonder how did this happen? Just because God has created us doesn’t mean we choose to always accept Him, know Him, and Do what He is asking. Therefore, does God know you?

Did you know, “His grace is made sufficient for you?” 2 Corinthians 12:9. I didn’t understand this verse until one day a friend shined so much light on what God was saying. God knows us so well. He knows our habits, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies. There is nothing you can do that He won’t be able to already pinpoint your action or reaction. As grace being something we don’t deserve, He gives us time. Time to come to Him, time to trust Him, time to find your purpose, time to get to know Him. The time that God has given you is specific to you.

He isn’t predicating one specific time to all, But to all their own specific time.

What may take me two years to do, may take someone six months. His grace given to us is sufficient to us specifically. There is no excuse you can ever give to God in the last days concerning time. So how long will you wait to get to know God and do what he asking of you?

You ever were in college and you signed up for a certain professor because your friend had taken their class before? You did that mainly because you now knew what to expect. Your friend was able to tell you the teacher’s methodology and give you all the old lecture notes and homework. We do this to assure success in the class. God does the same for us by being in EVERY part of our lives that we have not yet arrived to. He is our Chief Navigator, seeing and knowing all that lies ahead. What happens when we don’t use our source, we go to a resource. We basically move backwards by using a resource other than the original “Source.” We then get tired, annoyed, and frustrated. Because our performance dictates our results and we are unable to foresee if what we are doing is on the right track or not. Therefore, Do you know where you are going?

‘Know’ is a word use in the bible to highlight intimacy. That means this relationship is more personal than a couple of texts. It is almost at a soul like level. It can be brotherly and sisterly, friendly, or sexually. The Hebrew word for know is “yada” The word is so strong because there are many definition associated to knowing. Such as to perceive, discern, acknowledge, confess etc. For example, I’m sure a difficult moment in the bible was when Jesus spoke to Peter knowing not soon after, he was going to deny Him. He spoke to Peter, before His trial calling him Simon. In the beginning of Jesus’s ministry Simon was renamed by Jesus to be called Peter. However, He reverted back in that moment to address him by his old name, his old self, and old nature. Jesus spoke to the old Peter, for the old Peter was going to deny ever knowing Him. He would confess never having that intimacy (yada) with Christ. Therefore, have you denied someway ever knowing Christ?

You see, God isn’t looking for you to know Him through second party information. Because everyone’s relationship with Him is unique to them. He wants real ‘yada’ with you. When Jesus resurrected, He had the women send word that He had risen and said “Now go and tell his disciples, including Peter,” Even in betrayal Jesus shows mercy because He knows the turmoil Peter may be facing after his denial and want to ease His mind. Jesus could have denied him as a disciple but rather shows He has not forgotten about him. Therefore, Let God not only say He knows you but also, “ Well done my good and faithful servant.”


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