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How do I starve something I eat everyday? Part 1

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Our bodies are generated to survive by the nutrients and proteins brought on by food. Food is the essence by which we can live, and without food in your system, it results to death.

Without food for a long period of time we begin to lose energy, and the ability to function and live a healthy life.

Now I am a food fanatic, and I really enjoy a good meal. Especially one that is well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. This can be so appetizing just the same as sin.

No matter the specific type of sin, sin has a ferocious appetite. Sin has no boundaries and can render your logic helpless. Therefore, how do we starve something we eat every day?

Ok, What is Sin?

Sin is any and everything contrary to God. Sin deals with matters outside the will God has for your life.

Living in a carnal world, we are born of sin and in sin. (Psalm 51:6) When the fall of man happened God cursed the ground on which we live and then stated,

"cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. In sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life,"(Genesis 3:17)

This is not speaking of the dirt from the ground, but also indulging in and feasting on the appetite of sin.

Because, before Adam and Eve’s fall, sin had not existed. (YAY!) However, once the fall happened, two things happened death and sin were birthed.

You see, I need food to survive, and due to my sin-like nature there are things I do and act on cause I feel I need it as well. We know we don't NEED sin but being born into this world sin is basically our birth right.

What happens when I sin?

Luckily Christ took the authority of sin and death and defeated it. Now the Need that stands in its place is Christ Himself. No one wakes up hoping to be tied to a sin, but it happens.

Whether it is alcoholism, sex, masturbation, pornography, drugs, lying, un-forgiveness, or pride (Galatians 5:19-21.)

We become slaves to these types of sins because we indulge in it. We fatten ourselves by these vices and eat, and eat, and eat. Soon we grow numb to it and our taste for it gets dull. Then we need to add new ingredients to make it taste and feel better.

But no matter what you do it's the same thing affecting your body the same way.

Sin will take you places you never thought you would go. "Sin has no chill." So how do you do it? How do you pry yourself away from what taste so good at the time to replace it with something healthier for your future?

What happens when I fight back?

In a rehabilitation facility, when you are forced off narcotics “your body begins to get a feeling of withdrawal. Sin is the same way, because we feed our carnal man more than our spiritual, consequently our carnal man (the human part of us) is made stronger.

Sin is a strong giant we face every day. Even if we don't initially see it, or know we are doing it, it is still there.

When you decide to fight back, you are fighting years of giving in. That's why it would take someone bigger to fight for you. This battle has now surpass your own abilities in doing it alone.

What I’ve come to realize in dealing with my own strongholds is that I must do WHATEVER it takes by any means necessary to fight.

This may even mean being viewed as peculiar. You may become ostracized from friends but DO IT! Because any form of lust can't truly ever be satisfied.

What should I do next? Refocus

Before sin Eve ate first with her eyes. What she seen looked good, and smelled good, and at the end, looked good enough to eat.

She was reeled in by her enticement and wonder to know why something that looks that good was not good enough for her to eat?

We often hear a ‘no’ from God that it pulls us to focus on it more. We wonder why was it ‘no’ in the first place? We look and wonder so long that our minds are now filled up, and the next thing to do is to satisfy our appetite is to eat.

But what if Eve was focused on the other trees, or on the assignment of the garden what if she turned her eyes to the tree of life and ate from there, where might we be today?

It is time to refocus our attention God. To starve is to feel depraved, there is a sufferance in depravity but also a beauty in its cleansing.

Eat things that are good, pure, just, and righteous. Because, sin is like a string to a cat, it keeps you occupied long enough for you to never see how much time you have been stuck and distracted.

Therefore, feed your spirit man because you won’t be able to grow until you learn how to let go.

Stay tuned for part 2


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