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What if you were God: Seeing things from the perspective of the Creator

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

What if you were God, what if you were always existing, always there, and never ending. Imagine that you had no end to your thoughts, and your very existence. You can speed up and slow down all that you can conceive in your mind. You have infinite ideas and thoughts and moods and because you always were, there is nothing or no one to compare yourself to (Isaiah 40:28).

You are the standard of excellence and all that is good. Because of who you are, you are perfect, and you are love, and deserve glory for all that you do. You are not self-centered or conceited, you are just one of a kind, renown, magnificent and glorious in all your ways. You esteem yourself as such, because there is literally none like you and you hold all power in your hands (Habakkuk 3:4).

Imagine thinking about what you will soon call creation. Thinking of the infinite outcomes and ways things may go. You spend time putting plans in motion for your vision before starting anything. You put systems into place to not limit yourself or hold partiality, but to keep order and absolute justice to all things (Deuteronomy 10:17). Not only have you set them, you decide to abide by them (Psalm 138:2).

You love all your ideas and systems, and overall vision and know the perfect way to receive glory and honor out of it. You decide to call it your will; all you have positioned to happen, the way it should happen, for your greater purpose. Therefore, by your own standard, leaving the perfect outcome.

Imagine being so big not finding any real unit of measurement to explain your size (Psalm 147:5). Imagine being a God all knowing, all powerful, and all present to everything. There is nothing you can even keep from yourself. Imagine loving yourself so much you decide to begin to put into action all that you have thought up.

As God, you are excited and joyous cause you know all you have set will be great. Therefore, you create a place of praise and honor to esteem you. You create a celestial place simultaneously while creating a natural place called earth. Imagine you love yourself so much you want to see more replicas of your goodness, and perfection. So, you pull out your pencil and pad you begin to create habitats, environments, night, day, and creatures. Imagine taking part of your infinite nature and naming it “time”.

Imagine adding a beginning and an end to it to measure the progression of your creation (Psalm 8:3-4). Imagine creating everything in six days along with, finally making your mini replica for your environment. You begin molding from the ground to create a person.

You breathe life into the person and all that is in you, is in him. You make the person to have exterior features like you. and similar to your nature called your likeness. When noticing the person, you made needed companionship you understand because you also have companionship within yourself called your spirit and your word (John 1:4)(John 1:1). You decided not to go back to the ground but use the developed man to make the man’s opposite. She isn’t built like him or thinks like him, but they completely complement one another. They are literally made to fit one another (John 10:30) (Genesis chapters 1 & 2).

The vision is now in fruition you are a happy God, you have things to marvel at and receive glory from.

Now, imagine giving instructions to your creation, but they chose to disobey. Imagine when you speak, they do not listen. Imagine looking at them and not seeing yourself. Imagine them building their own idols to serve. Giving all their worship belonging to you to their created gods.

Imagine no one chooses to follow your standards for them. Imagine them cursing at you and blaming you for everything bad in their world. Imagine hearing that you are not real. Imagine all that you hate, your creation loves and defiles themselves to obtain them (Proverbs 6:16-19). Imagine your creation saying “they know what is good for their lives” when you are the standard of what is good.

Imagine saving them time and time again to show your perfect love, only to hear murmuring and annoyance towards what you want (Psalm 8:4). Imagine being the same today, yesterday, and forever, and being told your standards are old fashioned and must change. Imagine being the supreme monarch and your creation chooses to vote you out of their lives. Because of this, “some of them honor you with their lips but their hearts are far from you” (Matthew 15:8). Imagine coming from a place of high honor and glory to lower yourself to a place of disgrace and dishonor in order to bear all the sins of the world for your perfected will of salvation, and because of love, you allow your creation to choose you.

However, as God you must sit by as your creation do things outside their purpose and your will. As they ask, “does anyone know the meaning of life, does anyone know what we are living for?” Imagine you were the answer. If you were God, how would you feel?


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