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A Letter to my Old-self

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

If God gave you an opportunity to write a letter to yourself, would you do it? If you could say whatever you needed, and He promised to give it to you at any age of your younger self what would it say?

Dear younger me,

I’m sure you are looking at this letter spooked at the idea that I am writing to you from the future, but it really is me, or you, I mean, us. I can prove it, that scar on your right arm is when we got burnt from the curling iron, the one on your thigh is when we fell off the bike, the one on your knee is when we fell off the treadmill trying to see if we can put our foot on it at the highest level and not get caught, but we got caught, and then went flying.

I know you are still skeptical but hear me out, there are things I want to tell you, so you are better off when you get to where I am. Since no one told us then, I will tell you now.

1. You are enough.

Right now you are going through the stage where you are trying to figure out why you don’t get the guys? Or feeling self-conscious of who you are around them, but girl, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You don’t have to be perfect, or change.

Relax and be you. Know that you are beautiful, smart, funny, and cool to be around. Girl, you are amazing. Oh, we say girl after most of our sentences. It's kind of a thing here, LOL oh that means laugh out loud when we text. Disregard, you’ll see soon.


2. You are not perfect.

You will walk around with this idea of perfection on your back, but it doesn’t exist. You will grow up hearing strive for perfection but don’t, because it will make you hard on yourself when you fail. Know that YOU ARE NOT, NOR WILL YOU EVER BE A FAILURE.

Continue to strive to be the best and do the best but release yourself from the bondage of perfection. It will lead you to people please, be fake, be hard on yourself, lose faith etc. This idea though a good concept at the time will tie you to the idea that things only have to go a certain way. However, leave room to grow, make mistakes and progress. No one is perfect.

3. Learn to say NO.

Esther I stress this! Don’t be afraid to say no to people. I know mom taught us to be respectful to everyone and also our elders, however, don’t do anything you don’t want to. Don’t let the thought of them hating you or being mad at you bother you. If that's how they feel that’s their problem.

We are empathetic people; it means we like to share in people’s feelings. Therefore, because we know how it feels to be rejected, yelled at, or corrected we don’t want to do the same to others. But quickly get over that. In certain situations, put your feelings FIRST before you begin to think of others.

Even if it's as small like taking a shift at work for someone if you don’t want to, just say NO. it won’t be easy at first but trust me you will thank me when you get your power to say no!


4. Stop the Comparison.

You tend to measure your success through comparing yourself to others and that my dear is a big no no. You are not like other people; you don’t want the same things, and you are not going to the same places.

You will never be happy or satisfied with what you do, you will diminish your qualities, skills, and talents your eyes will never see you as good enough. Comparison will rob you of feeling true joy. So, don't worry about what others have or where they have been, you are living YOUR life not theirs.

To learn more read The Cost of Comparison

5. Be honest with yourself!

Hunny, it's sweet to think of other's feelings, and not want to come off as "rude" but stop beating around the bush with your answers and be direct and truthful.

Don't let others make you feel inferior to speak up. You are a human that has human feelings which others should be aware about. Don't let people choose anything for you, speak your truth about who you are, the truth about how you feel, and the truth about what you want.

6. Hold your head up high.

You know the neck is made to hold your head up, not down. Don’t be afraid to be seen and be seen as self-assured. Don’t diminish your awesomeness. Don’t be cocky but fearlessly confident. All you need to see is what is ahead of you, never look down.

7. Love.

Esther no matter what!! Love you, learn to look past your flaws and love every inch of you. Don't just love God and others that you forget you. Do nice things for you. If you do this properly you will look at yourself differently. Love yourself first so others will know how.


8. Kill Fear.

At a young age we were so strong in our faith in God that nothing scared us. As we got older, fear became more prevalent in our decision making.

therefore, no matter what, stay as close to God as possible to never develop fearfulness.

Fear will try to hold us back; however, we will still do things that scare us anyways. But, I would rather us live a life not having to prolong things having to get past fear first, but living fearlessly.

9. Save your money!

Girl, food for thought, please when we get our first job start saving our money. Don’t touch it or lend it to no one either. Trust me you will thank me!

If I could write a letter to myself, I would give it to me at the age of sixteen years old. It is around the time when I started my sophomore year of public high school. I know I would have needed to hear these words then, more than ever!! I would have thought differently and that would have ultimately helped me as I grew into adulthood.

What would you say to yourself? I would love to hear your words to your younger-self email me at


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