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Meet Aline J. Milfort the Advocate for Faith and Mental Health

Going to therapy can have negative connotations especially in the black and brown communities. However, this young woman has found a way to integrate both mental health and faith to showcase her passion and purpose.

Meet Aline J. Milfort, the twenty-nine-year-old doctoral student from the School of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. She is an advocate for both faith and mental health. She is a speaker, an author, and a voice for women of purpose. Aline has made it far in her life by pursuing her vision, even through adversities lets learn more.

Tell us something interesting about Aline

Many people may think I am an extrovert because I am always doing speaking engagements and videos but I am a hard-core introvert at heart. If I had the option of staying home, I would be home. I feel as if I am a forced extrovert because I have to do purpose and even when I am given the opportunity to speak, I still get nervous.

What does vision mean to you?

Vision is a unique blueprint that God gives to you. Although you may be doing something similar to someone else, it will not be the same thing. What you may have is a God-given vision deposited in you to fulfill and this unique blueprint is one that no one else has had before you.

What is your vision and how did you envision it?

My vision is to help women to get from pain to purpose, and though there are other women out there doing the same thing, they are not me. I am set apart by the words that are given to me by God. I also do not see many people integrating faith and mental health in the black and brown communities as I have.

I don’t have a blueprint for what it is that I am doing. It is through trial and error and lots of prayers. Every day when I pray, I always ask God, “God, give me the solution to the problem you told me to help fix”.

Where were you in life when you received this vision?

When I received this download from God of my vision, I was in a dark place. After just getting out of a really bad breakup, I was in the lowest place of my life. Later on, I began connecting back to God and He was speaking so clear to me.

I remember during finals week of my senior year of undergrad, I shut myself in my room. Every day for that week. I prayed for healing and like clockwork, I was always alerted some way to get up and pray. Close to the end of that week, God revealed to me that I needed to write my first book Tears Turned into Purpose.

What sacrifices did you have to make for your vision?

I had to sacrifice leaving my past behind, people I dealt with in the past, and being ok with being ridiculed. Although I didn’t want to return home from school, I moved back after graduation.

Once I began to grow as a Christian and post about it, I received backlash because of who I use to be. People called me fake, I got laughed at, and some assumed this was a temporary thing. However, when people began to notice this was who I was, some where inspired. I began to understand Psalm 23:5 and because of this people seen me transform and elevate right before their eyes.

Proverbs 18:16 “A man’s gift makes room for him.” Do you believe your gift(s) made room for you?

Most definitely, I believe,” Your God-given gift will make room for you but your character will keep you in the room”. Your gift will bring you before men and open doors for you but how are you treating them an the opportunity? Because if your character is horrible no one will want to connect with you. But a great character will keep them drawn to you .



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