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Meet Khemasis the Music Producer Making Room to be the Greatest

Meet Caleb Nordelus, a music producer known by the pseudonym Khemasis. Before going by Khemasis, Caleb grew up playing different instruments in church, which led to his love for music. Caleb got his start after entering a producing competition that led to a loss. Though he loss his first competition, he chose to use it as a learning experience which attracted the judges and one of them to allow him to learn and receive help to improve on his skills. The following year Caleb re-entered the competition and won the second time around beginning his career as Khemasis. This began to open many doors for him in the music industry.

In this interview, you will hear more about his vision, sacrifices, and journey in becoming what he envisions himself as, which is one of the world's greatest producers. "You are filling a void that the world needs" He states, " you have to think of it as they are missing out on me." Watch the full interview to learn more.

Facebook: Khemasis Nordelus

Instagram: Khemasis

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