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Meet Desmond Johnson, A Young Architect from Atlanta, Georgia

"Creativity, ambition they know no bounds, they know no age, no gender, and no race. So as far as age goes I think it is important for people to feel that they have the audacity to belong in whatever setting they want to be in."

Meet Desmond Johnson, a young Architect from Atlanta, Georgia originally from Columbia, South Carolina. Desmond Johnson has an undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University in Architectural Studies and a Master's Degree from Georgia Tech University. In 2016 Desmond became Georgia's youngest registered Architect after sitting for the Architectural Registration Exam. Desmond is also a member of AIA, and NOMA and works at Nelson Worldwide, and was appointed in 2018 by the mayor and city council to be a part of the City of Atlanta's Urban Design Commission.

Even with all these accolades, in this interview, Desmond sees more for himself and walks us through his vision and what is beginning to unfold in his life. He explains what led him to study architecture and the sacrifices he made to be where he is today. He also touches on being present and practicing self-care. I really enjoyed talking to my good friend and hearing his thoughts on vision. He leaves us with a quote in the full interview that I share with you now. "Don't downgrade your dreams to match your reality, but upgrade your faith to match your vision."

LinkedIn: Desmond Johnson

Facebook: Desmond Johnson

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