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Meet Arlene Majuste Owner of Belle Beauty

Meet Arlene Majuste a beauty fanatic from Naples Florida with a passion for all things "Belle" (beauty). In this interview, she will take us through her journey of entrepreneurship, a lay-off, relocating, and her overall vision for her business. Arlene specializes in micro-blading, micro-shading, and overall brow care as the founder and owner of Belle Beauty. "Belle Beauty explores the art of enhancing natural beauty through permanent brow services."

After living in Atlanta, GA for almost five years she decided to build her business where family, friends, and overall support resided back in south Florida. She has thus begun work in her own space in Broward, County. She continually is growing her clientele and shaping and making her mark in the beauty industry. If you are a young entrepreneur tune in to hear great tips on beauty and business management.

Instagram @shemakesmebelle

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