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Meet Darline Blanc The Founder of Watch Me Morph

When you see a seed, you know it will be a tree, when you see a girl you know she will be a woman, and when you see a boy you know he will be a man. Transforming leads us into becoming, It is the nature of change that must take place. Some may be afraid of moving into what is next, but that is where Watch me Morph thrives.

Meet Darline Blanc an author, speaker, and founder of Watch Me Morph — a community for women to help them find their truth, connect in their truth and morph into a better version of themselves. Watch Me Morph offers workshops, coaching, and mentorship for women looking for growth and change.

Tell me something interesting about you

I love all the Harry Potter series. My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the “Half Blooded Prince”.

I could watch it on television or DVD no matter what. Because, I can appreciate the writer’s creativity to create characters where we can clearly see their evolution.

What was your Vision and How did you Envision it?

My vision started with me just wanting to help women. I wasn’t sure of how I was going to help women, but I knew I had certain leadership traits and gifting that I could lend out to other women who needed a certain type of support.

This vision then began evolving to where It would be a community to where women would be free to be who they are and discover what is truth for them. Everyone can have the idea of what they believe is truth to them depending on what season they currently are in.

I want to provide a space and an extension of myself for women to work and connect with others and see different perspectives on how to do something regardless of their past. Therefore, Watch Me Morph was born to provide this community for women to be themselves and receive workshops, coaching, and mentoring.

What is your definition of vision?

It is an imagery of a mental image of what I want Watch Me Morph to look like in the future.

Where were you when you in life when you received this vision?

At the time I was trying to find a place to fit in. and I couldn’t find this place, But I knew I had something in me greater that needed to come out.

I had thoughts like, “could a hurt person really help someone out?” or “am I worthy enough to do this?” I was busy with Graduate School and a relationship I knew was near its end, but I knew I wanted to do something big for women.

Is there anything new you are working on?

I'm working on producing my journal for Watch me Morph, that will be coming out soon. This journal will be catered to morphing into your best self. I am also relaunching my coaching program that will be ready by the end of this summer.

Instagram: @watchmemorph

Facebook: Watch Me Morph



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