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Meet Kareem Virgo Top Wedding and Life-style Photographer of South Florida

Photography is the best way to create lasting images of great moments to cherish for years to come and REEM Photography does exactly this. With their acronym being Relieving Each and Every Moment Kareem and wife Sandy goes above and beyond by connecting with their clients and capturing the love they share.

Former Accountant and now well-known Photographer Kareem Virgo is a top wedding and lifestyle photographer in South Florida. Kareem, born and raised in West Palm Beach in a Caribbean household is a Jamaican-American that began trying out photography as a hobby. Once finally shooting his first wedding, his love for shooting couples began to grow. Let us see how he envisioned his vision.

What is your definition of vision?

It’s what you see. It is you picturing yourself at a point in your life that you have arrived to. So not only do you see your vision, you have to believe in it, and feel that it will come in the future.

What is your vision and how did you envision it?

I have a vision to be a world-wide-known Wedding Photographer. I realized this was a passion because when I worked as an Accountant, I noticed the love others had for their work more than I did. However, I then saw for myself that I was willing to go above and beyond for my photography clients.

When I got to the later stages of my career, I had to ask myself if I would live this lie of wanting to be a CPA, even though I had no interest in it? Therefore, I had to take a leap of faith. It wasn’t even about the money, Instead, it was about doing something I enjoyed. I believe, when people see the passion in what you are doing the money then becomes an added bonus.

Were there any sacrifices that had to be made for your vision?

After college, when I wanted to save money to purchase new gear and invest in my business, I decided along with my wife to move out of our apartment and temporarily live with my in-law. During that time, we were able to save money.

I took a step back to do what we needed to do to get where we need to be. By doing this it gave me a huge leap forward to prepare myself to build our lives and the business.

We live in a world where we want instant gratification. However, I have always been a person who enjoyed the process. Just as video games I use to play, you had to get a certain amount of points to reach certain milestones to unlock the next level and I see life the same way.

Do you believe your gift for photography has made room for you as Proverb 18:16 puts it?

Yes, I use to look at photography as an art form. However, what made me come to grow into loving it is realizing no matter what you do, it is a service to others. I believe your gift is a way to touch other people’s lives. In photography, people are trusting me to preserve memories that last forever and that is like my legacy and it is gratifying to know I am the reason they have these memories.

Is there anything new you are working on?

During the Pandemic many things were postponed or not in service, so my wife came up with the idea to create virtual photoshoots. After testing it out on facetime with friends we introduced it on social media to many people. This was entirely free to spread positivity to many people. We are also working on our organic juicing and delivering company and more things to come.

Instagram: Photosbyreem

Facebook: Kareem Virgo


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