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Meet MoNoise the Visual Artist from Charleston, South Carolina

Meet Maurice Noisette a Visual Artist known as MoNoise with an architectural background from Charleston, South Carolina. In our, Interview Maurice walk us through navigating from a corporate setup, a new design field, a lay-off, and entrepreneurship. His resilience and passion for art continue to shine as he continues in his "God-given talent".

No matter the ups and downs he always returns to his original love of art. He talks about the opportunity he found in using all the ups and downs from the pandemic and being laid-off to his advantage. He speaks on "Staying Ready".

His vision is to have his art shown in more showcases and museums that are well known such as the Museum of Modern Art (Moma) in New York. His artistry expand beyond a wide range of mediums and he hopes to also collaborate with artist, musicians, and other creatives to build more visual art that can be seen in shoes, album covers, and more. This interview is a great way to see and understand how someone continues to acknowledge their passion as something they can not live without. Tune in to see how he is actively envisioning his vision.


Instagram: monoise

Facebook: monoise

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