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Meet Peter Jean-Marie the young "Millennial Mogul" That is taking the fashion industry by Storm

There is a phrase that goes, “If you can’t find a job, create one” and that is what this young model turned fashion designer did. After modeling for some time, Peter Jean-Marie discovered his love for fashion, not only would he be his own model, but also his own designer.

Peter Jean-Marie was born in Pompano Beach, FL and now lives in Naples, FL. He is the young entrepreneur that has gained press and traction from social media from his newly founded private brand label Peter Jean-Marie. This twenty-three-year-old is a men's wear designer ready to tell us about his vision.

Is there someone you look up to?

Barack Obama, Ryan Clark, and Steve Harvey. I look up to all three of them because they all have great characters. Barack Obama for his leadership skill, Ryan Clark for his work in the community, and Steve Harvey for his boldness in his faith. These men all are different from one another, but strong in their own way.

Tell me more about your brand

I currently sell neckties, bow ties, and my campaign t-shirt in my online store. I will soon expand shortly to add products for both my menswear and womenswear line.

What is your vision? And how did you envision it?

When I was sixteen-years-old, I got my foot into the fashion industry. I was limited to the number of gigs I was able to get due to distance. Therefore, I decided to become my own model, and start my own brand. I then began to look into certain design schools and was accepted into one during my junior year of high school. I always knew my vision would be to begin my own brand.

Were there any sacrifices that had to be made for your vision?

I had to sacrifice certain people and relationships because their visions didn't align with mine for my life. I also had to sacrifice what most would call the college experience. I stayed focused and didn't do much partying. By investing all my time in my craft, I was able to complete my program in two and a half years. Because I saw something greater and better for myself.

How did it feel to step out on your vision even when people didn't believe in you?

Peter Jean-Marie use to work for someone who told him, "that he would never be a fashion designer". After hearing such demeaning words, I wanted to know how it felt for him to finally leave that job to pursue his dream?

It felt good, regardless of what he thought, I always choose myself first before and after working there. There is always going to be someone or something that will try to get in the way of your vision to persuade you against it.

Instagram: @Peterjeanmarie



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