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Meet Stanley Louissaint the Creator of Louissaint Aroma

When you think of Gucci and Louis- Vuitton, you think of luxury fashion companies that are known for their cutting-edge designs and collections. Similarly, a new brand has broken out into the fashion and fragrance industry.

Louissaint Aroma has now launched into the scene by Founder and CEO Stanley Louissaint, a South Florida native originally from Haiti with a heart for fragrance. The young twenty-five-year-old entrepreneur gave us an opportunity to find out more about his vision for Louissaint Aroma.

For those who don’t know who Stanely Louissaint is, tell us who you are.

“My name is Stanley Louissaint, I am a young man who loves God and is passionate about Him. I am a laid-back person. I love traveling, playing music, and writing songs.”

Is there someone you look up to?

The person I actually look up to is my spiritual father, Pastor Robens Chery. I see the way he moves; he moves with passion and everything he does, he does it with trust towards God. I also admire his physical and spiritual life, for those reasons, that is why I look up to him.

What is your vision? And how did you envision it?

My vision is to create a brand where everyone all over the world can enjoy it. I want to come up with the next big thing where I can sit somewhere and hear many people talking about my brand. I always had a passion for perfume then found myself loving it even more.

God has continued to inspire me. Because of that, I finally came to a point that if I kept having these ideas, it was time for me to make the first move. I also had friends that kept pushing me forward. Therefore, I stepped out and trusted God and went for it.

Where were you in life when you decided to move towards your vision?

During that time, I didn’t have anything going on, I was just working a nine-to-five, at my regular job. I didn’t have any idea of how to start a business, but out of nowhere for some reason, God started putting this vision in my head, and God also put the same vision around other people I knew.

When God gives you a vision, He will put people around you to confirm this. I believe God did this for me, because I didn’t know how to start a business or brand, so it came to a point God began to open my eyes, and he told me this is what He wanted me to do, and if I went for it he would step forward with me.

What were some of sacrifices that you had to make for your brand?

I made a lot of sacrifices with my own money and time. I use to work five days a week at my current job, and now I only work three days in order to have time for the business. Because I have to be there to manage my business. Along with other things, I had to sacrifice them in order to wait on my business before it actually came.

What is Louissaint Aroma?

My brand is first a fragrance brand, it’s for both women and men and now we are working on the clothing line. We have been getting a lot of good feedback from people about the scent and the apparel. We are actually in a good place, where we believe we are in the right direction of where God is taking us. I believe my brand is perfect because this brand caters to both the men and women audience.

Instagram: @louissaintaroma

Facebook: Louissaint Aroma


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