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What I Will, and Will Not do during Quarantine

With everything going on with the Coronavirus people are bombarded left and right from what the media has to say about this pandemic. My hope right now is that everyone and their families are doing well. If you are like me you are probably at home either working or completely bored out of your mind trying not to go crazy. Rather than watching the time go by, think of things you should and should not do.

I WILL still wake up early. The difficulty with this is that I want to choose to sleep every time and I usually do. However, COVID-19 or not, I need to be in the presence of God early. Before the distractions, hunger, or responsibilities begin to sink in.

I need to stay alert, and vigilant by waking early to God and even get chores completed. I also don’t want to get back to my physical job having to retrain my body the appropriate time to get up.


I WILL NOT stop praying during this time. We should always strive to pray, now more than ever. I don’t want to get too comfortable, that I forget to pray in the midst of this storm. I do not compromise this for fear and laziness.

I WILL create. To all my content creators, I hope you are creating. This is the best time to plan and to execute. I don't know how many times I have been at work dreaming of the chance to be at home creating content, and now I have a chance to do that. Though I am working I am relieved of pressure and can work efficiently and have time to make content as well.


I WILL NOT sit around and watch hours of television. I am tempted to just Netflix and chill all day while trying to get my work done. However, it will pull me to be distracted and slothful. Try not to get caught up in what you think in “freedom”, be productive.

I WILL enjoy uninterrupted time with my husband. Even though we are both “working”, I am able to spend time with my husband that gets lost from the fatigue of commuting to and from work, not to mention the many nights of overtime. During this quarantine, I will enjoy these little moments with him even if we begin to get annoyed.


I WILL NOT go to the gym until it opens back up. I’m not proud of this but hey, Se Lavi. I'm not really a workout at home type of person. If I was, I would use this time to do so. But if you are, do it. As for me, I guess I should stay away from all the quarantine snacks.

I WILL stay focused and positive. Prior to the quarantine, this was something that I strived for. It's easy to fall into negativity and many negative conversations about this virus, but I believe in staying informed not distracted. I chose to be positive in order to not lose sight of the visions I have. If I lose that focus, I will find myself further behind in my race to success.

I WILL NOT let the media scare me. The other night, I spoke to my mother and she told me how the media was scaring her about this virus. Being that she works at a retirement home facility, the news is on 24/7. She can’t escape the many opinions, updates and fears that are being broadcasted.

Don’t let this be you. Don’t spend all your time watching these updates that are trying to scare us. Stay hopeful and do your part to help bring this to an end.

No matter what, don’t use this time as an excuse to do nothing. The time is now. Being quarantined is one small obstacle that you can get over. Be safe, stay in prayer, and know no matter what, God is good.


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