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3 Ways to Obtain God's Best for your Life

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Are you living God’s best for your life? Do you believe everything in front of you is the best that God can do?

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end

Jeremiah 29:11

Growing up, parents have a level of expectation placed on their children. For my parents, it was that I would be good, wholesome, and modest. That was their vision for my life. So, if I did anything contrary to that, they wouldn’t be pleased because it wouldn't be their best for me.

Similarly, God wants what is best for us, and knows what that looks like. God has a vision for our life that He expects from us. Mediocrity is not what God ever envisioned for us.

So, how do we do it, how do we obtain God’s best for our lives?

#1 Your Discipline

Every morning my alarm goes off, and suddenly I feel annoyed that I have to go to a job I don’t like. So, I press snooze as many times as I can to sleep in a little longer. Once mustering the strength to get up. I realize, I now have thirty minutes to get cleaned up, dressed; pack my lunch, and find something quick to eat to finish with a prayer.

But I constantly let my feelings towards my job push me into doing what I know is not God’s best for my life. Sure, the job may not be the best, but to obtain God’s best for our lives we must first be disciplined.

God wants what is best for us, even in something like a morning routine. What would be best is waking up early for devotion, sitting down to eat breakfast, rather than rushing to eat while driving and getting to work late. For God to elevate us we must show our discipline.

God’s best is locked in our discipline. Organizing your time, refraining from toxic things, having self-control. Don’t let today’s distractions be tomorrow’s defeat. My feelings distracted me, however, to want more, I need to do more. Discipline takes time, but you can’t rush something you want to last forever.

Look at Jesus. He was disciplined in his lifestyle Mark 1:32-39 says, He woke up early to pray after a night of healing a town full of people. Rather than giving himself a day off he woke early the next day prayed and did it all over again. Can you discipline yourself far beyond your feelings?

#2 Your Obedience over Compromise

“Where I end up in life is not nearly as important as how I get there” — Buddy Owens

Today in society we can be, so destination-driven that we don’t care how we get there. We think “by any means necessary” for some, this can be an excuse to throw away morals, values, and ethics to get to where they need to be. However, have you been getting to where you are going through obedience or compromise?

God’s best for our lives is wrapped in our obedience. Are we obeying God’s general instructions? John 5:19 Having the best means following the best. As Christ did He only did what the Father did.

Are you being the best at work, home, as a wife, or husband, are you obeying God’s word? Being forgiving, loving, honorable? Or are you compromising all of this because you believe it is not necessary?

If you can compromise at this point you will never know what God’s best is, but yours.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT on your understanding” Proverbs 3-5

There is always an award on the other side of obedience. God wants to mature us, but we often settle for good enough. Samuel had to teach this lesson to Saul. Because Saul wanted to give an offering to God to supersede his disobedience. He stated, “Obedience is greater than sacrifice”. Are you obeying God’s general instructions? or are you doing something disobedient or compromising towards God?

#3 Your Daily decisions

Habits are made from daily decisions. Wanting God’s best for our lives is rooted in the decisions we choose to make daily. It’s in the amount of Yes and No’s we put out into the universe.

As Christians, we are constantly tempted to do things that are contrary to God’s words. Sometimes temptation can come in the form of an undeserved break, slacking off, or giving in to discouragement.

For more encouragement on the topic, check out my blog post “Taking Undeserved Breaks”

A simple decision can change the narrative of your life. Saying "no" to yelling, or drinking to fill a void or "no" towards thinking a negative thought are all decisions made to be better and have what is best.

Each day you are either repairing yesterday’s mistakes or building tomorrow’s victories. Therefore, what decision will you make today?

Decisions, In Matthew 4:18-20 Jesus told Peter and Andrew He could make them fishers of men if they followed Him. In Luke 22:42-43, Jesus prayed “that this cup is taken from him, yet not His will, but God's will be done.” Two different scenarios that led to decisions. Simon and Andrew’s decision made them disciples. Jesus’s decision made him the Savior of mankind.

What decision can you make that can change the narrative of your current life?

God’s Best is locked away in your cooperation. Therefore, what are you willing to do to obtain it?


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