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Why I Decided to get off of Social Media: Pursuing God first

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

This thought of mines is long overdue. With everything going on with this COVID-19 pandemic, I can’t help but think that God wants people who will draw towards him. Before this happened, I have been struggling with spending time with God. My biggest excuse to him is I don’t have any time to give, and If I do, I'm too tired. Now that I am working from home. I no longer have that excuse.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many things slowed down or got canceled. Work, for the most part, is now at home, Children are now home with their families, and Church services have now become an at-home activity. It seems like God is calling us into our homes.

I want to get off of social media for a while to focus. Since this pandemic social media has become over-saturated with people, lives, tick-tocks, challenges, and people trying to maintain their status as influencers. I waste many hours a day and now even more, constantly checking in on everyone else.

Lately, when I have logged on social media there have been constant comparisons in my heart, jealousy, and pressure to vie for people’s attention. But I need to choose God’s attention.

I want to choose God. There is a song where the words go “I just want you, and nothing else, nothing else will do.” I have sung these words before, but they were lies. I put the house chores, the television, my job, etc. everything has mattered before God. I put him after all these things.

I have become consumed by the stresses of life, and without realizing these things have now enslaved me because God is not consulted first before doing anything.

During this time off, I want God to restore my eyesight and perspective. I have my priorities upside down. I want to feel uncomfortable with the idea of not talking to Him first. I want to hunger after him; as I did once before. I want to stay at his feet.

“I just want you, just me and you”

Sometimes we can get into the overly spiritual ideas of what the devil might use to hinder us but it can easily be social media, or television, or our vision. With improper stewardship, our vision can even distract us from God. The desire to produce can make us too busy for God.


Since last year God has been calling me into maturity. When I wrote, “ 3 ways to obtain God’s best for your life” I was wrecked at discipline. I couldn’t get past how much of it I didn’t have. I lacked the discipline to have designated uninterrupted time with God. I lacked the discipline to say no to things bad for me to eat. God needs my maturity and discipline and without it, I can’t go to the next level.

I struggle with growing up, growing up to what God calls maturity. The sacrifice that will come with that, and what I will have to sacrifice in order to mature for God. I held onto spiritual immaturity. I literally for like 4 years have stayed in the same cycle. The cycle of complaining, not sacrificing, putting me first, and wanting everything. Over and over I did this. I no longer want to be stuck in a cycle or idea of false control.

More importantly, I need to get off of social media to consult God about my visions and dreams. I need to know what I should do next, in a world where it doesn’t even know what it will do next. I want to be prepared for what's to come.

What if God through this pandemic is calling for intercessors, prayer warriors, and true worshipers (John 4:23). What if He is calling for all who will diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6)

I ran out of excuses, so I have to go.

(I will be off my social media platforms until further notice)


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